Revisiting the Brief

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At Setbuild, we constantly stress how important your design brief is. The more information supplied, the more likely we are to come up with an aesthetically pleasing and practical design that drives traffic to your stand.

So what kind of information is important during the briefing phase? We like to start with a brief introduction to your company, even if you have a familiar presence in the marketplace, nobody knows your business quite as well as you do. We need to understand your positioning and services to fully get into your marketing head-space and translate these variables into a three-dimensional structure. Your corporate identity, colours, graphics and printed material like brochures and your website details are all invaluable tools for the designer when it comes to conceptualisation.

The floor plan and exhibition manual will also provide invaluable information such as maximum heights and the layout of your stand (by the time we have built your stand, it is too late to ask us to turn it to face another direction – and yes, we have been asked this very question in the past.

Next we will need to know your reasons for attending the exhibition. Your reasons could be to simply generate new sales leads, or to use the platform as a branding exercise, or to network with visitors and possibly offer entertainment or refreshments, or to launch and/or demonstrate a new product. Your reasons for exhibiting assist us in the planning and layout of your stand, the furniture requirements as well as visual aids such as graphics and audio visual material.

During the brief for the Sunbrella Dickson stand, the following information was included in the client’s brief to Setbuild:

* Company description and all corporate design material.
* The floor plan and exhibition manual.
* Preferred colours for use on the stand.
* Requirements for units for product displays and storage.
* A guideline for furniture.
* Details of items that client would be supplying such as flooring and sample boards that form part of their product offering.
* Photographs of products and existing displays with measurements.
* Company graphics.
* Budget.
* Stand photographs of previous exhibitions and details of what worked/didn’t work on those exhibitions.

Conceptualisation and Design

The stand space was 15 square metres with only one wall however, two large display boards and product displays needed to be incorporated without breaking up the space and flow on the stand. The design called for an additional wall to incorporate the second display panel and was balanced with single strip bulkheads positioned over the stand and down the other side which housed two open-sided display units.

The addition of the wall also allowed us to make use of the colourful graphics on the aisle of the stand, increasing client’s presence in the walkways.

Lockable storage was built into the main wall for extra brochures, laptops and bags and a storage cupboard in the reception counter was ideal for the storage of literature at an arm’s length.

Red and orange are the main colours of the two brands which were echoed in the display units and on the reception counter against white walls and a neutral floor which formed part of the company’s product offering. Lighting was built into the bulkhead structures.

The success of the design was realised when not a single change was requested by client and that reiterates the importance of a comprehensive design brief and flawless execution.

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